What is Safer Farms?

In response to the unsustainable high level of workplace injuries and deaths on New Zealand farms, the Safer Farms programme has been set up to help people working in the agricultural sector better manage the health and safety risks they face every day on their farms.

The programme aims to raise awareness of the key risks faced by people working on farms, provide practical resources to help reduce these risks, educate duty-holders of their legal responsibilities and ensure everyone understands the true costs of not taking appropriate action to keep people safe.

Who is behind Safer Farms?

The Safer Farms programme has been developed by WorkSafe New Zealand in close consultation with farmers, farm workers and leading sector organisations. 

WorkSafe and ACC have committed multi-year funding for this programme, which will deliver significant benefits to farmers, their communities and the agricultural sector as a whole.

WorkSafe is establishing relationships with leading sector organisations to improve the safety outcomes on New Zealand farms.

Components of the Safer Farms programme:

As well as the Safer Farms website, the programme consists of a range of resources and activities designed to help those working within the agricultural sector to promote and deliver better health and safety outcomes.  The programme includes:

  • a campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the major safety issues faced on New Zealand farms
  • best practice guides, fact sheets and practical tools to help farmers effectively manage the most significant farming hazards
  • targeted research and the provision of up-to-date information on national and regional injury statistics
  • working with training organisations and rural service providers to ensure advice and services are consistently meeting best practice standards
  • an education programme delivered through rural schools
  • developing and supporting regional feedback and safety leadership groups
  • coordination of programme activity with sector and community-led safety initiatives

The programme is backed by WorkSafe on-farm safety assessments, advice and enforcement action targeted at areas of greatest risk.

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