Case Study: Changing the health and safety stories

"When Stuart Taylor was growing up, the onus for health and safety was 100 per cent on workers to keep themselves safe,".

"The general culture was that you should take a certain amount of risk to get the job done and that attitude still prevails among some farmers".

"It’s no longer acceptable to take a risk on this farm. If you are going to have to take a risk or break gear to get something done, then it’s okay not to complete that task or to tell someone to stop."

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Bare minimum not good enough

There are many misconceptions in the farming community about health and safety and one of the tasks for WorkSafe is to cut through that confusion so farmers can get to the facts and concentrate on what they need to keep themselves, their families and workers healthy and safe.

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Men at greater risk than women

Almost 80% of workers injured and requiring more than a week off work in agriculture were male with hand wounds and sprains of the back, ankle, shoulder, arm and rotator cuff the most common injuries.

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